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We love what we do. It's who we are.

And we couldn't do it without each other. Each one of us has a special passion, special talents, and special experiences every day. If you'd like to get to know us a bit better, feel free to send us a mail, but here's a little intro....

Emma, Director

Having worked as a teacher and social worker for over 30 years, Emma is a true believer that all problems can be overcome through education, and that every child, no matter what their economic or social background, deserves to be given the chance to shine. 


Eunice, Project Coordinator

Eunice leads the health and nutrition programs Seb's Projects runs in the Jawadhi Hills. She spends her days building the capacity of young tribal girls to oversee the health and nutrition of their communities through the Balwadi program, gathering vital information on the health indicators of our target communities and supporting the other programs.  

Dominic, Senior Project Coordinator

Dominic is the leader of our Tribal Projects in the Jawadhi Hills, and oversees all we do in Health, Livelihoods and Education for tribal communities. With a Master's degree in Social Work, and vast and varied experiences working with Sri Lankan refugees, Domnic has a passion for working with people and building relationships. He strongly believes in a more holistic educational experience and not just knowledge gathering in classrooms, and is bringing his passion into our classrooms!

Giri, Project Coordinator

Giri is the cheeky chappie in charge of the clowning program! A talented clown, he is inspiring the young people of India to get up, put their hats on and reach out to people less fortunate than themselves across with a big smile! A great coordinator and passionate about his work, the clowning program has taken leaps and bounds under his care!


Our tribal school teachers

Our tribal teachers are the heart and soul of our projects in Jawadhi Hills. These great teachers spend 5 days and nights every week working in a variety of roles. By day, they work to make lessons as creative and engaging as possible, inspiring the first generation of educated children in Jawadhi Hills to realise they can be whatever they want. By night, they are advocates and health workers, holding community meetings to motivate communities to improve health, sanitation and welfare in their communities. When there is an emergency, they are the link these isolated communities need to the outside world, and even when there's not, they work to distribute solar powered lamps to families that have little access to light.

Our volunteers!

From doctors to art therapists, from English teachers to clowns. From Sweden to India, and Sri Lanka to Australia. Our volunteers bring so much colour, passion and creativity into our team, and without them we simply could not achieve what we all do together. Over the years, the Seb's family has expanded, and today we host over 20 international and 125 Indian volunteers on our projects, and each and every one has added an extraordinary amount of value to the projects they adopt. We are so proud of what we have become as a result of the support our volunteers give every day!

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