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Sebastian Hunter Memorial Trust


The first supporter of Seb's Projects India was the Sebastian Hunter Memorial Trust in the UK. Today, SHMT remains a great supporter of our work.

The Sebastian Hunter Memorial Trust was set up by the Hunter family in 2003, in loving memory of Sebastian, who died at the young age of 18 at the beginning of what should have been a long and productive life. He was a handsome and compassionate young man with many talents to make the world a better place.

With the support of SHMT through projects implemented by Seb's Projects India since 2003, thousands of children in poor rural parts in India have been given opportunities for more than a basic education. Schools, science and computer facilities have been built. Families with disabled breadwinners are being supported and funds have been raised for a leprosy hospital, a church and community centre. Funds raised in his memory have also benefited children in Africa and individuals in difficult circumstances in the UK.

Funds are raised every year by the Hunter family through art events, marathons and donations from members of the Trust, which then go on to support many of our projects here at Seb's Projects India.

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