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Thank you all so much.

No doubt about it, we couldn't do what we do without the support of our friends. We want to say a big thank you to the people who make all of these projects a reality. From linking us up with people that can make a difference to funding our schools and scholarships, our friends are indispensible.

Tamil Nadu Government for their partnership and contributing to our success of our programmes.

District Education Department

District Health Department

District Forest Department

Sebastian Hunter Memorial trust, for being our partners in everything we do




Corporater for the support and interest in every aspect of our programmes focusing on social impact.




TRIFED for supporting our Zaila soap programs


Humanitarian Clowns, for injecting so much joy into our work, Indian and international.


For helping us to light the villages of Jawadhi hills

Sponsors of our students, for their hard work to make a child's dreams come true, no matter the odds...


Volunteers, who have given their time, energy, passion and talent to those less fortunate than themselves

Shishukunj London in supporting pre-school education, nutrition and sports

KITES Foundation, for helping us bring education into new tribal villages

Prayag for building school infrastructure


Beneficiaries, for having the courage to make a change for the better, and for helping all those around them in the meantime.


Schools and Colleges who support the Eco Trail program- the impact of your commitment to support tribal communities help themselves is immeasurable.



Individual Donors who have given what they can to make our programs happen every year.







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