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Educational tour
Sebs School Annual day

We are happy  that we were able to celebrate our school annual day program on 2nd Feb 2023 with a very special guest Mrs Anna Hunter who was visiting us from the UK. 

It was a grand festive occasion. We got all the 9 Seb’s Schools to come together in a common ground in the Jawadi where their parents and the communities around had gathered. It was a very proud moment for the children to gather under the Sebs banner and feel a part of the big gathering of almost 360 Sebs School students. The day started with a March Past, lighting of the Olympic torch and flag hoisting. Some of the final athletic events were also conducted. Followed by an exhibition that was put up by each school, and a cultural show by each school with children showcasing their talents in speech, fancy dress, magic show, human pyramid formation also prizes were distributed and with community lunch. 

Trip to Jawadhi by our partner

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Honey project

Harvesting and sale of pure Jawadhi Honey
Large quantities of honey is harvested each year in a number of villages. Seb’s projects has been helping the tribal communities to harvest and market the honey to improve their livelihood and this year also as a means to prevent migration of children with parents during certain months of the year. We have been experiencing an exodus of children from our school for about 3 months in the year which has been a real Disruption to their education. The profit from the sale of honey by Seb’s projects is proposed to be used as support to a family who is willing to foster and care for a child during this period in discussion with the migrating family and in consultation with the village education committee of each of Seb’s schools.

Solar Power Project

From darkness to solar powered light

The solar installation has made it a local attraction, particularly at night when the hamlet is bathed in the glow of energy saving bulbs.

Installing Solar Energy panels in two of Seb’s NRSTC schools Palamarathukolai and Marudavallimedu in the Jawadhi where power supply was erratic has enhanced learning of students and impacted life in their homes. It has given teachers the opportunity to get their smart televisions to work as and when required without worrying about the power and low voltage.


Summer Camp- 2022

Thirumagal and Anuja from tribal village joined Nursing course at MA. Chitambaram college in Chennai.

Message from TATA Technical engineer
Teacher's day seech by a tribal girl in Jawadhi hills
Response to COVID second wave
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WhatsApp Image 2021-06-11 at 8.48.29 PM.
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Inaguration of clean drinking water project
Signed an agreement with Tata Swach

Ringing a bell. Bringing safe drinking water to Jawadhi hills in partnership with Tata Swach.

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Republic day speech by Tribal student

Seb’s has provided provisions for two weeks to 170 vulnerable families who are vendors and daily wage laborers in the Vellore town area and villages nearby. Each bag of provisions cost Rs 1000.


Seb’s joined hands with another local NGO and was able to provide lunch packets to 100 homeless, elderly and children and flat rickshaw daily wage laborers who stay on the roadside.