We want to do more. The success of our programs over the past few years has driven us to dream bigger and bigger, and we know we can do it, with a little help. We want good quality education for every child that doesnt have the money to pay for it. An end to child trafficking and bonded labour. No more unnecessary illness and suffering. Men and women to earn enough to keep their families happy and healthy. Tribes to have the means to stay where they are, in the life they've lived for centuries. Justice. Equality. We know it's not going to happen overnight, but with your help, we can make steady steps towards making our own dreams become a reality. Do you think you could be a part of this?

Here is an opportunity to support.

Make a donation...

If you'd like to make a one-off donation to Seb's Projects India, your money will be put towards our education, livelihoods and health programs expenses like these:

1000 rupees (10 GBP) will cover the cost of buying a soap making kit so a tribal woman can earn a livelihood.


4000 rupees (40 GBP) will cover the cost of a mother and child care Balwadi teacher for a month.

150000 rupees (2000 GBP) will cover the cost of setting up a clean water drinking system in a remote village using skyhydrant


Support a child's education 


At the beginning, most of the children we work with just dream of an education.

At Seb's, we believe that education, nutrition and mentoring are essential to help a first generation learner through the school process, and so we make sure we support the children in our target villages from their first few years, right through to getting a job. 

Tribal Primary School Sponsorship

Secondary School Sponsorship

To sponsor a child in a remote tribal community through one of our primary schools. where we provide educational materials, nutritional supplements and monitor the health of every student, as well as funding two teachers to stay in every village through the week to ensure they get all the educational, health and advocacy support they need in their first few years of life.


This costs 1000 rupees (12 GBP) per month

Once they graduate from our primary and middle schools, tribal students must stay in the plains outside the hills to attend secondary school. There, they must buy uniform and books, stay in a hostel, and pay for meals every day, whilst we at Seb's send our program staff to help them through from enrolment right through to graduation, mentoring them whenever they need a bit of extra support.


This costs 2000 rupees (20 GBP) per month

University and College Sponsorship

All of our students have a dream. Some dream of becoming nurses and doctors, whilst others dream of becoming teachers, electricians and mechanics! Unfortunately, most students don't have the finances and often, girls are expected to get married at this age instead of continuing eduation. To realise their dreams, they need sponsorship through colleges and universities and an assigned Seb's staff mentor to make sure they have all they need to cope with this big change in their lives, as well as helping them find employment after graduation.


This costs 10000 (100 GBP) per month

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