Seb’s has provided provisions for two weeks to 170 vulnerable families who are vendors and daily wage laborers in the Vellore town area and villages nearby. Each bag of provisions cost Rs 1000.


Seb’s joined hands with another local NGO and was able to provide lunch packets to 100 homeless, elderly and children and flat rickshaw daily wage laborers who stay on the roadside.

We are happy to introduce our new school at Nikkini village. We identified 40 children in this village who are school dropouts. Seb’s brought the need to the notice of the government offices and advocated an NRSTC centre be set up at the earliest. The Government provided approval for the school in November and handed the centre to sebs projects to manage it. Following which 2 tribal teachers were recruited. Damodaran and Kamala Nathan are the teachers for this new school. Children are excited to be back in school and have a local teacher.

Dream school is getting ready for children in Maruthavalimedu village situated in the remote corner high up in the Jawadhi hills.

The Humanitarian Clowns headed by Tim visited our Periyapanaparai School and did clowning with our school children. The whole of Periyapanaparai village was filled with laughter. The clowns made the school students go crazy with their funky makeups and fun activities. Students enjoyed the clowning day to the fullest.

Samundi joined her nursing in September 2015 at M.A. Chidambaram College of nursing in Chennai. (She started her schooling at Seb’s primary school, Thandayankotai ) She is the first tribal girl in her village to pursue higher education. Samundi successfully completed her course in September 2019. Her four years of learning, the challenges she faced, hard work and efforts has transformed her into a confident, accomplished young woman looking forward to  a bright future as a health professional.

She  had passed all her exam with good scores. She attended several campus interviews and was selected by The SRM Multi speciality Hospital which is one of the biggest private hospitals in the state capital. She is offered a salary of Rs. 15000 per month and accommodation.

Her future aim is to qualify though the Medical Recruitment Board to secure a job in the government run hospitals. She hopes that would get her a job closer to home.

As a nursing student, she mentioned that while working in the hospital she has had a number of remarkable experiences and helped her grow professionally.

When we talked to her she felt proud and happy about her profession as she learnt acts of kindness, genuine thoughts of concern, and the care that she could  provide as a nurse to the patients. It was a joy to see the very sick patients make a good recovery. 

She cherished her journey throughout from being a student to a professional qualified  nurse. Samundi would like to thank all her donors who supported her education and made her dream come true.

Charlotte Aiken volunteered for one month to teach art in Seb’s schools. The sessions was filled with fun and colors. Using paints as a medium she introduced children to different forms of art. She also conducted a workshop for Seb’s teachers. Charlotte visited Arni School as well as Priyadharshini special school and taught art and crafts. Her time with the children was very valuable and special.

We are happy to say that the District Education Department and SSA had arranged a study tour for the students in all our tribal schools.


The one day trip for our children was a carefully planned combination of site visit to Vellore fort and to have hands on learning experience by visiting the Vellore Science Center.

At the Science Centre, they were able to learn concepts of science through simple models and experiments.Students tried doing some of the experiments and  they were also able to connect their lessons from their classroom learning.The experience at 3D theater was thrilling and fun..

In the afternoon they visited the Vellore fort museum. All the exhibits in the museum was very informative. Children were able to understand the history and they also interestingly took notes on the displays at the museum.

At the end of the day the children gave their feedback by explaining their learnings from the science center and the Museum


The winding forest roads in the Jawadhi Hills lead to a little tribal hamlet called Periyapannaparai, where Seb’s School students from 6 other hamlets had gathered for the much awaited Annual Sports Day on 3rd February.

The chief guest, Dr.Sekar Viswanathan, Vice President of the Vellore Institute of Technology, and Mr.Jyotheeswara Pillai, the Assistant Project Officer SSA, inaugurated the colorful exhibition. The dignitaries took the salute at the impressive march past. The mass drill and the lighting of the Olympic torch was performed by children. Various athletic events were conducted and the winners were awarded trophies and medals.


We are happy to inform that 6 tribal students have qualified in the entrance exam conducted by Eklavya model school and were enrolled in sixth standard . We appreciate our teachers for their tireless efforts to prepare these students.

A young baby was born prematurely in the rural village of Periyapanapari. A very unfortunate and heartbreaking story, as the mother who was 19 years went into labour at 7 months in the middle of the night. Sadly the mother died in labour. After which the baby was taken care by his grandmother in the village.  The weight of the baby was reducing gradually as there was no opportunity to provide alternative nutrition.

Seb’s Projects on hearing the condition of the baby intervened and made arrangements for the grandmother and the baby to be treated at the CMC CHAD hospital. The baby was admitted and incubated for 2 weeks and provided nutritional supplements.  Within two weeks time the baby had shown improvement in health and the baby has been gaining weight.  Now the baby is three months old and keeping well. Sebs continue to support the baby’s nutritional needs by giving a milking cow and calf.We hope it would become a livelihood opportunity.

Amuda from Palamarathukollai delivered her baby one night at her home. The mother and child were not doing well. Her husband took the initiative to take the baby